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Swiss Affiliate, Swiss Holding

Scandinavian entrepreneurs set up a Swiss holding and a management company for an expanding part of their industrial portfolio. They hired Schreiber Finanz to handle financial and administrative management.

The entrepreneurs sought a trustworthy partner with extensive knowledge of Swiss business practices to pro-actively manage the numerous governmental, legal, human resource and tax obligations required of their Swiss affiliates. This partner would also need to review and approve contracts that the companies entered in Switzerland, and seek additional legal counsel if necessary.

The company hired Schreiber Finanz founder Christian Schreiber to take on the role of CFO of the Swiss affiliate as “CFO for hire,” which gives them the benefit of Schreiber’s extensive expertise without the cost of a full-time hire. He is responsible for the annual accounts and oversees the accounting firm that handles ongoing accounting, VAT-declarations, salary administration, and personnel insurance tasks. Schreiber also does the controlling and takes care of any other CFO functions as needed.

The Scandinavian entrepreneurs feel confident that they can count on Schreiber Finanz to expertly manage all financial and administrative matters related to their Swiss companies. With the success and growth of these Swiss companies over the past several years, the company has now reached a size that warrants a full-time CFO. Schreiber has been engaged to help find a suitable candidate to succeed him on a full-time, continuing basis.

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