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Expanded Business Offerings

A Swiss real-estate management company decided to expand into a new business area, “brokerage/investor’s advice/promotion.” They hired Schreiber Finanz to plan and monitor this process from the financial side.

The company needed a realistic financial plan with an appropriate target profitability for the initial growth phase and beyond. Also, the company needed to consult with its internal accounting department to define and implement a management-reporting process to monitor the new business area’s development.

Schreiber Finanz founder Christian Schreiber collaborated closely with the manager of the new business area to define the business targets and model them into a financial plan, which they later presented to the company’s management team and board. During implementation, Schreiber Finanz continued to support the new business area, including implementing ongoing management reporting together with the company’s accounting department and determining a formula for the variable salary portion of the employment contracts of new key employees.

With Schreiber Finanz, the real estate company saved considerable time and cost. With financial monitoring and controlling processes for the new business area in place from the very beginning, the company avoided having to recruit and train internal capacity first. Instead, they were able to use the growth phase to look ahead and define a sustainable financial structure for the new business area and to recruit and train the right people to support this structure.

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