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Complete Delegation of Finance and Administration

The two managing partners of a Zurich-based company for international asset management and mergers & acquisitions have decided to focus solely on working with their clients. They hired Schreiber Finanz to act as “CFO for hire,” assuming the financial and administrative management of their company on their behalf.

Managing this company requires continuous oversight of all interactions with employees, suppliers and subcontractors, banks, and public agencies such as the tax, immigration and the social insurance offices. The CFO must also constantly monitor for cash squeezes due to the erratic cash flow typical of mergers & acquisitions companies and alert the partners to these and other risks as early as possible.

Schreiber Finanz collaborates closely with the company’s accountant and guides her through key tasks, such as preparing quarterly and annual accounts, salary accounting, and making the necessary payments towards VAT as well as public and private social insurances. Schreiber Finanz founder Christian Schreiber is directly responsible for cash management and controlling (including the monthly cash plan and a financial plan for the next two to three years) and presents the annual accounts to the auditors. He also reviews every contract into which the company enters and consults with the company’s lawyer when needed.

For a third of the cost of a full-time CFO, the company has an experienced partner they can trust to take care of the financial and administrative management of their company. By employing Christian Schreiber as a “CFO for hire,” the company’s managing partners can focus on serving existing clients and winning new business, enabling them to grow their company faster and more efficiently.

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