Behind Schreiber Finanz is my strong belief in delivering a high standard of work that delivers value for my clients. To ensure this level of quality, I work with each of my clients personally. It is both my responsibility and my sincere pleasure to serve you in this manner.

I strive for holistic solutions that benefit your company as a whole, adding value to your organization for all your stakeholders. As a controller, consultant and CFO, I have gotten to know quite a bit about the different way a CEO and a CFO look at things. I can therefore effectively support both of you in your work.

I am especially interested in cross-border work  —  crossing not only borders between countries and languages, but also between disciplines (such as between the CEO and the Accounting department), between parties of conflict, between entrepreneurs and banks, or between companies and government agencies.  

When projects require additional support or expertise, I draw upon my network of qualified and trustworthy partners, with whom I have worked over several years. This includes colleagues from finance, tax, and law.