Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is about acquisitions, mergers, and other exceptional situations that require more than everyday accounting skills. Our services are aimed at owners of small to medium enterprises, but clients also include CFOs of larger companies who need to temporarily enhance  their team.

Key Services

  • Enterprise Valuations – Determining the correct value of the company you wish to sell or buy, or the fair price for company shares to be sold because of succession in- or outside the family, the share price for the exit of one or more shareholders, corporate litigation, etc.
  • Acquisition – Evaluating another company or business with the aim of taking it over, including analyzing the seller’s business plan, deriving a price span, drafting a term sheet and negotiating on your behalf.
  • Due Diligence – Making sure you know exactly what you are getting with the business you’re acquiring, so there are no surprises after the contract is signed.
  • Post-merger Integration – Providing interim financial management of the acquired company, to ensure a stable transition.
  • Succession – Helping you navigate the often emotionally challenging process of organizing your own succession and managing the complex project of selling your company in- or outside the family, to the management team or to third parties.