Your company might be struggling to get that financial plan right for your bank. Perhaps you’d like to find out where your company is making money and where it’s not. Or perhaps you simply need additional bandwidth to meet an upcoming reporting deadline. In any of these situations, Schreiber Finanz can help. With more than 25 years experience working with businesses of all sizes, Christian Schreiber provides personalized expert advice to help your company meet its daily accounting needs and long term financial goals.

Key Services

  • Cash Planning – Calculating the cash on hand your company will need within a given time period, based on expected cash-in and cash-out.
  • Closing Analysis – Ensuring that your monthly, quarterly, or annual reports are not only accurate but also meaningful and critiquing them for your stakeholders (e.g., board members, management team, and banks).
  • Costing – Conducting break-even analysis for products, clients, and profit centers to help you understand where your business makes money – and where it doesn’t.
  • Financial Planning – Developing rolling forecasts, annual budgets, and updating mid-term financial plans as needed.
  • Processes – Reviewing and optimizing your key business processes to increase efficiency and thereby reduce cost.
  • Ratio Analysis – Measuring financial ratios (e.g., liquidity, debt, profitability) as well as operational ratios (e.g., chargeable hours, waste and other quality measures, and sick leave days) to assess your company’s overall condition and identify potential for improvement.