CFO for Hire

Schreiber Finanz’s CFO for Hire service is ideal for business owners, managers, or CEOs seeking seasoned CFOs to oversee some or all of their companies’ financial and controlling functions on a part-time or interim basis. With Schreiber Finanz founder Christian Schreiber as your CFO for Hire, you receive the benefit of his extensive expertise and experience for as much – or as little – time as you need. Schreiber Finanz helps you keep your business on a profitable track and you gain time for your customers, your team and your products.

Key Services

  • Controlling – Showing where your company makes money and where it doesn’t, measuring and analyzing operational ratios, projecting your balance sheet and your cash: In short, meet your financial goals.
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  • Accounting Oversight – Advising and coaching internal or external accountants, including the preparation and presentation of reports to your management, board, and bank.
  • Business Relationship Management – Negotiating with the banker(s), real-estate agents, insurance brokers, and other partners who are vital to your business operations.
  • Legal Matters – Reviewing your existing and new contracts and seeking external legal counsel when necessary.
  • Human Resources – Managing and coaching your employees, including overseeing company policies such as regarding work times, holiday and overtime balances, expense allowances as well as managing the hiring process.